One Piece show at Universal Studios Japan this summer

One Piece is one of my favorite manga, so I’m thrilled that I’ll be in Japan in order to see this! I’ve seen only one other show at Universal Studios Japan, but it was 10 years ago, I didn’t know what the show was about (nor do I remember) and I didn’t understand a word of Japanese at the time. So this is pretty exciting; I’ll be sure to write an account when I see it.

Furthermore, at the top of the website it reads:


That’s right; it isn’t just a show, but the greatest One Piece event in history. For example, according to the the Universal Studios Japan blog (in Japanese), One Piece related merchandise and food will be available, such as this:

Chopper Popcorn = Chopcorn?

According to the blog, the flavor of the popcorn is 「甘くて何か懐かしい感じがします。かなり小さい頃食べたような」: sweet, with a sort of nostalgic flavor reminiscent of childhood. Interesting!

At the very least, I’m psyched about being about to get in on fun this summer. Furthermore, as a result of finding the website I’ve gone ahead and added 「史上最大」to my list of vocab words, not only because it sounds awesome, but because any word meaning greatest in history is just too badass to pass up.


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