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Picking up Japanese Girls: Learning from the Best

Charisma man comic

Japan: Living the dream

As yesterday was Valentine’s day, I’ve decided to share some advice on how to woo the Japanese ladies. Because I obviously have lots of experience in this field, right? And because if you follow my rigorously-tested PUA-style tips, you’ll suddenly become a Charisma Man yourself, capable of attracting J-girls like flies are attracted to syrupy, sugary mounds of goodness, right?

Well, no, not really.

But, one thing to recognize here is that the Charisma Man in the comic above has pretty poor Japanese. All he does is use the 私・・は・・です formation, which is pretty much the first thing you pick up in Japanese 101. Don’t you want to be just a bit more awesome than that? Don’t you want to be ready to bust out some really syrupy, sugary, chocolate-filled nuggets of Japanese in order to impress the ladies?

Of course!

So the best places I’d recommend searching to go find such lines would be anything that isn’t a “How to Pick Up Japanese Girls” or “How to speak Dirty Japanese” book. Because while those sorts of books may have some value, the only way they also have any sizable amount of content is because most of the content is terrible. Filler. No longer used by anyone in Japan…ever. And besides, if you’re buying books like that, let’s be honest: your Japanese probably isn’t exactly up to snuff either.

So where do you find good “pick up lines” in Japanese? Well, I’ll take the AJATT approach on this one: straight out of genuine Japanese media. Anime, Manga (especially Shojou, I bet), Jdramas—take your pick.

Nisemonogatari Episode 6

Here’s an example courtesy of Araragi from Nisemonogatari:


“You may not know this, but I love you…I want to be with you all the time.”


“Sometimes I don’t know why I’m dating you. But I love you so much, I don’t need a reason.”

The first line may have a bit too much cheese for the average person, but the second one—the one about not needing a reason—really just straight up owns. The girl’s (Senjogahara’s) reaction is therefore appropriate: 「ヤバすぎ。超絶かっこいい」”Oh no…so incredibly cool.”

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann episode 8

But perhaps you’re too cool to spin off a line like that. Maybe you need a more Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-type response. If so, Kamina has you covered. After going in for a kiss, his response to Yoko is:

「おまえ・・・. 10倍返しだ。 戻ったら、10倍返しだ。 」

You… I’ll repay that… I’ll repay that ten times over

Yoko laughs at Kamina after he answers, but come on, you’re at least as cool as Kamina, right? You should be able to handle the delivery no problem.

Moteki episode 4

Or maybe you’re just looking for some good confession Japanese to help you settle the deal? Girl been giving you a hard time, but you want to show just how romantic you can be once and for all? Then perhaps a typical line from Moteki might be what you’re looking for:

I love you. You’re the one I loved the most in my life. Even now… even now I still love you.

I have to admit that all of the lines here aren’t delivered without a nice helping of romantic cheese. Perhaps J-Girls are into that—the straightforward confession of love, or perhaps the simple raw emotional power of saying “I love you” itself (cue a slow procession of ha ha ha’s here). At the same time, though, I can’t say I’m unhappy during these scenes either—after all, watching awkward characters have awkward encounters with one another without either one being able to actually say what they’re feeling (I’m looking at you, Freeter, Ie o Kau) is just painful after the first time. I get it, you’re awkward but you like each other—get to the good stuff already!

That’s all for now—but any love-related Japanese media should have plenty of lines for the grabbing. Not to mention I do have a copy of Love Plus sitting around my house somewhere


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Dating Japanese Women: 5 Mistakes most guys make

Note: Satire.

There are a lot of guides and information available on how to pick up Japanese women, such as through ナンパ (nanpa) or 合コン (gokon), but today we focus on how not to pick up Japanese women. In other words, what pitfalls should we avoid while trying to woo the Japanese ladies?

Luckily for us, Lovesick Japan, which I continue to happily read, offers a good case example from which we can draw common mistakes. Let us carefully read through and take note of what went wrong. To begin:

The defendant broke into a twenty-seven-year-old woman’s apartment at 1:30 in the morning.

Mistake 1: Meeting for the first time in an improper place

Although it is admirable that the defendant tried a direct approach to meeting his future mate, we see here the common pitfall of being too direct. One’s home is typically considered a private place, and therefore women will be less open to being approached by strangers while at home compared to say a club or dating-centered social gathering—where they expect to be approached. Instead, the defendant should have considered a more public area to approach the women and exercised his day game, perhaps by meeting her in a public park or at a Starbucks.

Furthermore, 1:30 in the morning is often a time when people are asleep; perhaps when the woman was eating lunch—such as in the early or mid-afternoon—would have been a better time for a meeting.

Let us continue:

He put her hand his hand over her mouth and pinned her down. He told her to be quiet and began touching her breasts as he tried to remove her clothes. She resisted strongly, flailing her arms and legs. He continued to threaten her, and she saw no escape.

Mistake 2: Moving too quickly

Japanese women like to know if a potential boyfriend or husband will be able to take care of them—as society in Japan is still very much patriarchal—and as a result, moving a bit slower compared to western women may be necessary as a general rule of thumb.

Here we see that the defendant moved much too quickly, by initiating kino (touching) almost immediately in sensitive areas such as the mouth and breasts. Putting aside the fact the defendant should have talked to the woman before meeting her, he should have also moved slower with regards to touch, such as starting with casual touches on the arms on back, and moving on from there. In other words, the man’s physical progression skills were rather weak.


The defendant told the victim, “Take off your clothes” and attempted to pull them off. The victim thought that she should do everything possible to avoid rape and that he would leave her alone if she could satisfy his sexual hunger by causing him to ejaculate. She removed her pajama top only, keeping her t-shirt on. She then manually stimulated the defendant’s penis and performed oral sex on him.

Mistake 3: Failing to establish comfort before moving to seduction

By comfort, I mean actually getting to know the person you are trying to get with. This includes things such as her job, her hobbies, or her name. The comfort phase, as it is called, should not last long, but should allow the man and woman to get to know each other in some respect, perhaps with flirty teasing mixed in.

Instead, the only things the man appears to have said to the woman are “be quiet” and “take off your clothes,” both of which are not particularly revealing about oneself, nor are they especially flirtatious. Furthermore, by using them the man fails to demonstrate higher value, or qualities about himself that a woman might actually find attractive.

After performing oral sex:

The defendant became tired, lost his erection without ejaculating, and he lay on the fouton next to the victim. he talked about himself to the victim, and in order to prevent him from harming her, she pretended to empathize with him and talked to and listened to him. During that time, the defendant touched the victim’s nipple through her t-shirt and said things like “I’m really into making nipples erect.”

Mistake 4: Talking too much

Here we have a classic example of the guy going on and on about himself, not giving the girl any chance to respond or feel like she’s part of a conversation. Men have a tendency to talk too much, and to make things worse, after going on and on about all his problems to the victim, the defendant moved right back into demanding sex.

Although “being a good listener” is perhaps somewhat corny advice to give males who want to pick up Japanese women, the man should try to show interest in the woman he is trying to pick up too! After all, attraction should be a two-way street. The defendant’s failure to qualify the victim, or listen to and find out about her interests and problems, clearly indicates a mistake on his part.

And finally we come to the end of the encounter:

The victim wanted to do anything she could to get the defendant to leave. She said, “If you see it, will you go home?” He agreed, and she once again removed her shorts and put her genitals in his face. The defendant licked her genitals and looked at them using the light of his cell phone. After that, the defendant received the victim’s cell phone number and left around 4:30 in the morning.

Three hours had passed. A few days later, he called to ask her out on a date to see a fireworks show. She agreed, he kept the date, and police arrested him.

Mistake 5: Getting a girl’s phone number at the end of a date

Getting a girl’s phone number at the end of the date generally indicates weakness or lack of self-confidence, similar to how making kissing at the end of a date is also a weak move. Instead, the defendant should have successfully time bridged, or casually mentioned interesting things he has going on in his life, and then asked for the number. After which he should casually continued the conversation as if getting the number were just one mere part of the interaction, rather than its goal.

By failing to establish proper emotional progression, the defendant failed to portray himself in the most positive light possible, and therefore failed to come up with a second date.

I hope these quick tips help you the next time you decide to try to pick up women in Japan. In fact, I’ll even throw in one more bonus tip!

Mistake 6: Breaking into a girl’s home and raping her does not generally lead to a second date.

This should be self-explanatory. Unfortunately, the defendant did not seem to know this—perhaps he should have read this guide first!


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Japan Dating Statistic II: Sex Life

Part 1: Japanese Dating Statistic I

When I talk about yellow fever, I’m sure most people know I’m not talking about mosquitoes. And for those with a special attraction to Asian women, Japan certainly seems like a mecca of awesome. Not only is its population homogenous and therefore sufficiently Asian-girl-filled (98.4% Japanese), but Japanese women tend to be perceived as petite, demure, and having higher-than-normal voices. Even Wikipedia has an article on cuteness in Japan, placing Japan in a category of it’s own when it comes to those 可愛い少女.

So many love hotels...but so little time?

Not only that, but Japan is also one of the world’s biggest pornography producers, coming in third place behind South Korea and China in terms of revenue. I’m not sure if those statistics include animated pornography, which Japan seems to have monopolized in terms of production (although I could find no hard statistics about this specifically).

HOWEVER, as I continue to read through Lovesick Japan, I came across some interesting numbers:

In a 2005 survey…Japan ranked dead last—forty-first out of forty-one countries—in frequency of sex, with a self-reported frequency of 45 times per year (up from 36 times per year in 2001). The second lowest country, Singapore, was far ahead (73 times per year), and the global average was 103. (source)


The first sexual experience for more than half of men over 30 is a prostitute. (source)

Ouch, Japan!  I’m trying to think of a unique reason for why Japan ranks so low compared to all other countries, but I can only come up with a bundle of reasons that don’t seem to be adequate reasons:

  • Japanese students spend most of their time studying for entrance exams and don’t become interested in sex until later and not as often.
  • As adults, Japanese people work very long hours, so the time in the day to have sex simply does not exist. And when wives or husbands come home, they’re too tired to have sex.
  • “It’s too bothersome” — this is actually one of the most common reasons given by couples for why they don’t have sex, although it doesn’t explain anything.
  • Japanese people, wanting to avoid confrontation, simply put up with not having sex rather than directly talking to their partner about the problem.

I’ve been able to find a lot of articles describing sexual activity patterns in Japan and how this affects day-to-day, but little on any strong reason why any of this is actually taking place. Perhaps it’s just a combination of all these things that can be found in Japan but not elsewhere that is causing the problem.

Perhaps it’s because Japan has a rather masturbation rate—after all, it has all that porn to go around—with 38% percent of Japanese masturbating weekly (source — but couldn’t find original cited article), compared to 28% in the US (source). Of course, this 10% difference doesn’t seem significantly higher, so again it seems like an insufficient reason.

It’s likely being caused by all of the reasons I’ve listed and more, since I doubt it’s a singular issue that’s causing the problem. It’s more a problem of culture that seems to be the issue, which is derived from a bundle of hard-to-distinguish factors, rather than one significant reason.

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Japanese Dating Statistic I

I pulled this from a book I’m currently reading:

A 2006 government survey—and note here that the government cares—found that 52.2 percent of single men and 44.7 percent of single women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four had no relationship of any sort with any member of the opposite sex, not even friendship.

Source (in Japanese).

I couldn’t find a comparable statistic for single US adults, but I imagine that it’s a very different looking figure. Perhaps for people who attend all-boys or all-girls schools in the US, the lack of any relationship with the opposite gender would make sense, but the fact that even friendships do not exist seems rather shocking to me.

Is it due to the long hours that the Japanese often work that causes this to happen? Is it because of the herbivore man phenomenon in Japan that causes men (and women?) to be uninterested in talking with each other? Is this just shyness among singles in Japan taken to an extreme?

When I go to Japan this summer, I hope to be able to talk with some Japanese people about this figure. Obviously Japan’s population decline is a big problem; so what can we do to get Japanese people interested in each other?

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