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Edgy Japanese Music — あべりょう

I’m a fan of Phil Ochs’ single, Outside a Small Circle of Friendswhich has a catchy, upbeat tune, while at the same time being fairy harsh criticism of the current state of social apathy in the United States. Worth a listen for those who have never heard it before, see below:

So you can imagine my delight when I came across something similar in Japanese, in this case a (band? singer?) called あべりょう or Abe-ryou if written in English. You can check out a list of their music for download on iTunes, here, or see their official website, although I personally found the official site clunky and hard to use due to it being a Flash site (damn you Flash websites). Therefore, I’d recommend heading straight to iTunes for further information.

There are also quite a few music videos for their songs available on Youtube, so let’s examine one of my favorites. This song is called 「ナパーム弾」which means “Napalm Bomb.” First, watch the video:

If you don’t know any Japanese, I imagine the video probably seems pretty weird. And if you do know Japanese, you might be thinking, “damn, that’s some harsh stuff.” Let’s go through the lyrics and try to come up with a translation. Luckily, the Japanese lyrics are on the official site, so that makes the translation job much easier.

低所得だっていいじゃない 非正規雇用でいいじゃない 年収三百万円すごいじゃない
Being low income [poor] is ok! Being a temp worker is ok! Making 300,000 yen [30,000 dollars] a year is amazing!


社会のゴミなんかじゃない 道の端っこでいいじゃない 生きているだけとてもすごいじゃない
You’re not society’s trash. Sitting on the edge of the street is fine. Just being able to survive is totally awesome!


ナイスファイト 税金払わない ドンマイ 公共サービスタダ乗りの 邪魔な国民だなんて思わない
Nice work [literally: fight] not paying taxes. No worries, don’t think of yourself as some useless citizen who leeches off of public services.


無料のクーポン 無料のサンプル お試し体験で 一箇所に集めてナパーム弾
[people who use] Free coupons, free samples, and free trials. Gather them up in one place and… Napalm bomb! [blow them up]


無料のゲームに有料アイテム コンプでガチャられて 一箇所に集めてナパーム弾
[people who play] Free cell phone games but then purchase all the in-app items, gather them in one place and… Napalm bomb!


キャバクラ嬢でもいいじゃない 風俗嬢でもいいじゃない 従軍慰安婦必要だったじゃない
Being a Hostess club girl is fine. Being a prostitute is ok, too! After all, comfort women were necessary, right?


あなたの時給すごいじゃない 男のニーズ満たすじゃない 大阪市長も認めてしまうじゃない
You’ve got such a high income [being a prostitute]. You’re fulling men’s needs, right? The mayor of Osaka thinks it’s fine, too!


カンパイ お酒を飲むだけ バンザイ 夜な夜な体を売るだけの 安い存在だなんて思わない
Cheers! You’re just drinking alcohol. Hooray! You certainly don’t lead a cheap existence selling your body every night.


女性の権利はどうでもいいから場内指名して わめいてるババァにナパーム弾
Who gives a shit about women’s rights? Go ahead and pick one out [a woman from a list of prostitutes in a brothel]. As for any whining grannies… [blow them up with a] Napalm Bomb!


職業差別もどうでもいいからとっとと射精して 喘いでるジジィにナパーム弾
Who gives a shit about workplace discrimination; hurry up and cum! As for any panting geezers… Napalm Bomb!


Comfort women and soldiers too… Napalm Bomb!

I can’t say that the lyrics are especially…deep, but they’re certainly edgy and not like what I have ever heard before in a “regular” Japanese song. I linked a few Wikipedia articles in the lyrics of the song in order to provide some additional background info on the political/culturally-specific references, but overall the song is fairly straightforward.

Other あべりょう songs I find interesting include:

There are a lot more than just those, too, so if this kind of stuff catches your fancy, there’s much more on YouTube. Personally, I find some of these songs really hilarious, so if you have a twisted sense of humor, this should be right down your alley. As a warning, however, I mentioned at one point I liked あべりょう to one of my Japanese friends, and after showing him the lyrics, he told me that while it’s fine to mention the songs among guy friends, (typical Japanese) women might not find the songs as funny because the language in many of them is rather discriminatory and beyond the boundary of what is socially acceptable.

Considering that much of American humor revolves around politics and sex, the lyrics in these songs might not be surprising to a western/American audience, but politics and sex are the two topics that typically don’t get covered in Japanese humor (that gets aired anywhere public at least), so proceed with caution before telling any Japanese people—especially girls—that you “know this cool band called あべりょう”. As another Japanese guy mentions on his blog, Nanokamo, regarding the lyrics in Napalm Bomb, 「街中で口ずさんだら白い目で見られること間違いなし」, or “if you walk down the street singing these lyrics, you’re definitely going to attract some nasty looks.”

One final thing I want to mention about あべりょう is that the band seems to be generally disliked by the Japanese net population. I assume this is similar to being dislike by 4chan in the US—so not necessarily mainstream dislike—but first see the following ranking list on Niconico, a Japanese video streaming site.

スクリーンショット(2014-01-25 12.40.21)

On both the “monthly” and “total” rankings list, there are four あべりょう songs with the following names:

While the bottom two are the real names of the songs, the first two are not, instead having fake titles likely used to draw attention to the videos. Furthermore, the videos are ranked highly, but this is because on Niconico you can purchase advertising for your video to push it higher in the rankings, even if the video is not popular. In あべりょう’s case, a significant amount of advertising money seems to have been spent, but the music videos still have  comparatively few views and favorites, and  most comments are negative.

An online thread about あべりょう also reveals that most people are not happy with the group, calling the songs “terrible”, “going too far”, and “having no meaning.” Much of the negativity, however, seems to stem from the excessive advertising and use of misleading titles and tags on Niconico, causing the videos show up in searches unexpectedly and fill up the top rankings list. A lot of the posters are also confused at how あべりょう has so much money to spend on advertising, with some believing the singer to be someone rich and highly connected in politics.

But putting aside the negative forum banter and conspiracy theories for now, あべりょう is certainly an interesting find, and perhaps being non-Japanese I actually like the songs better than a typical Japanese person, despite the fact the lyrics are very much aimed at a Japanese audience. Or perhaps I just have a twisted sense of humor in general.


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A fresh batch of Japanese sex-vocabulary: 下ネタなんでだろう(歌)

If you’re looking for Japanese that you’re not going to find in any textbook, then sex-slang is certainly at the top of your list. While books like Dirty Japanese might have something useful, I’ve mentioned before that books like that tend to have a bunch of terms that are old or outdated, but are left in simply to enhance the book to a reasonable size for publishing—the author has no real incentive to keep the book updated with current content while cutting outdated or stranger words. So if you missed out on AJATT’s Moe Sentence Pack (apparently full of dirty vocabulary), then I suspect this post (and the longer videos linked below) should be more than satisfactory for your “learning” needs.

After all, it’s either use this, or just open up one of the educational videos you recently downloaded in that that 12 gb folder you having laying around your computer. You know, the one titled “Puppies and Kitties (MOM, DO NOT OPEN),” I know it’s there somewhere.


So luckily, I came across a new language-learning website (new for me at least) called RhinoSpike. The premise is pretty simple—you have pieces of text in a language you’re learning, and you want the audio of a native speaker saying your text out loud. Alternatively, you have some audio in the language you’re learning, and you need a transcription of it. Both are possible to get at RhinoSpike (although audio recordings are much more popular) as long as you record or transcribe another user’s request in return.

The premise is interesting, and custom audio made out of text of your choosing—perfect for your shadowing practice (you have been shadowing daily, right??)—is quite neat. I would just warn potential users not to get too into using the site. An audio file of a lengthy text or transcription of a long video is enough to keep anyone at a high-intermediate level or below occupied for quite a while. And by “get too into,” I mean get obsessed with recording for other users without practicing on your own. I know, for example, I’ve wasted many an hour correcting the English of various users on Lang-8 without actually working on a post in Japanese myself!

That said, the point of this post today is to share an absolute gem I found in the transcriptions section of RhinoSpike. I present to you 下ネタなんでだろう (Literally: Dirty Joke, I wonder why? although I might consider translating in context as simply Why does this (shit) happen? — you’ll see when we get to the translation) , a song by みうらじゅん (Miura Jun), a manga artist who has also branched out into doing other things as well, such as songs.

The song here is one of the dirtiest and funniest things I’ve seen in Japanese (although like most Japanese comedy, puns still continue to make up a bulk of the humor), and thanks to the wonderful transcriptions by smokedoyster and tomoch of RhinoSpike, it’s now much easier to understand and translate into English!


Why does this shit happen?


Why do you say “no” when your pussy is so wet?




Why do girls at brothels get lonely when they lubricate themselves?


Why are the razors at Love Hotels such bad quality?


Why does your penis get itchy when you’re about to do it?


Why is there so much porn at the bottom of Shinto shrines?


When doing it from behind, why do you think of someone else?


Why do you get addicted to doing it in the g-spot?


Why does she only say “delicious” when giving you a blow job?


Why does it smell like piss when she’s blowing you?


Why does she let you go down on her even when she’s a virgin?


Why doesn’t she want to kiss you after you cum in her mouth?


When you can’t get hard why do you cum anyway?


When you get a boner in the middle of class, why does your desk get lifted up?


Why do girls stop removing their panties after they reach their thighs?


Why does she always say “It’s fine to leave” when you’re leaving?


Why do some people ask “was it good?” after sex?


Why do your lips get swollen after going down on a girl for too long?


Why is that whenever there’s a hole you want to fuck it?


Why is that when she says she’s on her period you suddenly realize what you’re doing?


Why do some guys say “I’m not looking” in order to watch a girl jack off? (probably wrong on this)


Why do some guys compare their penis size when they see a Pine Mushroom (a very penis-y looking mushroom)


Why does this happen? Why does this happen? Why does this dirty shit happen?

The rest of the transcription can be found on the RhinoSpike site, although I don’t think I’m up for translating much more of it at the moment. I admit that the translation thus far has been a bit of a learning experience for me, but doing this in a public library has made me somewhat nervous about continuing (especially when I need to rely on Google Images in order to figure out what some of the sex slang is actually referring to…).

At any rate, I’m certainly taking the AJAAT credo of “Any Japanese is Good Japanese” to its absolute limit by trying to understand this…song. The song sounds a lot funnier in Japanese than it does in English (although that could be the result of my clunky translations that are likely inaccurate or plain wrong), and for those who just can’t get enough, NicoNico video has two additional videos of the same material, clocking in at 14 minutes and 23 minutes respectively. Even the Japanese commenters on NicoNico video make plenty of comments while watching the full-length videos, including ones like “way too long” and “I can’t believe there is still 20 minutes left on this video.”

However, I think I’ll leave it to you to see if you can make it through an additional 30 some minutes of what you’ve just seen above.

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